InfoTech Overview

Serving clients in the greater Chicago area since 1994, InfoTech Resources specializes in talent skilled in business analysis, design, analytics, development, QA, support and overall project management. Driven to deliver exceptional service, we built our business by helping clients leverage technology talent in order to gain competitive advantage for their business. Our clients understand and appreciate that when a candidate is presented by InfoTech, they will have been fully vetted and meticulously matched for maximum candidate fit and overall client performance. We work with you to ensure that candidates aren’t just a technical fit, but also meet your company’s unique culture.

Recruiting Excellence

  • Certified: All InfoTech Resource’s recruiters have successfully completed TechServe Alliance’s certification program to be knowledgeable in the best practices for the IT staffing industry.
  • Well Trained: InfoTech’s internal training is rigorous and built on a technology ‘boot camp’ of the IT industry, roles and technologies. Recruiters attend training and networking events to stay current on the latest industry trends.

Services That Save Time and Deliver ROI

  • Contract: Access tough-to-find technical skill sets on demand to meet any project requirement. Adapt to variable demand; meet tight deadlines; ramp up quickly.
  • Permanent Placement: Don’t waste time searching for top technical talent. InfoTech attracts the right professionals and vets them thoroughly before presenting their profiles to you. You’ll choose from the most highly qualified candidates.

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Why InfoTech?

Our approach is centered on building and sustaining lasting relationships, recruiting excellence and delivering highly personalized service centered on an unwavering commitment to the mutual success of our clients as well as our consultants. The three pillars of our approach are:


Finding people who can deliver results is the true measure of success in IT staffing. As talent specialists involved in the IT Community, we understand the impact that good people bring to a project. Resumes don’t always tell the whole story.

– Since 2005, 1 out of 2.25 (44%) candidates submitted for consideration was interviewed.


Why sift through piles of unqualified resumes when you can rely on our process and expertise? InfoTech’s process identifies candidates who can perform on the job – not just on paper. Each InfoTech professional is diligently screened and qualified to specifically match your job or project requirements.

– Since 2005, of the candidates who have been interviewed, 1 out of 2.6 was hired (38%).


We are committed to understanding your business, technical environment and corporate culture. We outwork and outservice our competition, and go all out to keep our talent motivated and productive.

– Since 2005, 100% of our clients have used InfoTech for multiple assignments. Once you use InfoTech, you keep using InfoTech!


Our Process

We’re experts in the industry, and we have a proven process that delivers results. We are dialed into the Chicago IT community and are leaders in technical, BA and PM organizations in Chicago.  We continue to build our network daily to better serve our clients.

Our 9-Step Screening Process

  1. Account managers review your company’s job requirements and build an interview profile
  2. Client validates the profile to make sure we are on track and screening for the “right” skills/background
  3. Begin sourcing and interviewing talent based on our interview profile
  4. Top candidates will be reviewed and discussed, then interviewed a second time with account management
  5. Candidate will confirm that InfoTech will be representing them exclusively and at an agreed-upon rate/salary range
  6. If the candidate is determined to be a “good fit,” then the screening profile notes along with the resume will be submitted to the client
  7. Candidate references will be checked
  8. Interview will be set up with client, either via phone, Skype of face to face for selected candidates
  9. Candidates will be continually kept up to date on the results; feedback will be provided, if available

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